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Sean Penn married a young Australian actress

59-year-old Hollywood actor Sean Penn secretly married his old friend, 28-year-old Australian actress Leila George, daughter of Law & Order star Vincent D’Onofrio. Sean has played in many films, but the last one for which he is well remembered is «A Beautiful Mind». Oscar winner for the leading roles in the films Mysterious River and Harvey Milk.


The young couple wanted to carry out the marriage process without prying eyes and rumors. However, their acquaintance, the producer, declassified the whole idea, saying that she was happy to be at the wedding: “We are so happy for Leila George and Sean Penn, who just got married. We like you. Thank you for becoming like a family to us. We are in seventh heaven! It is a great happiness to find a true partner, true love. You were destined to be together. »


Penn and George’s romance became known in the fall of 2016. The couple rarely appears together in public. By the way, the actor’s eldest daughter, Dylan Penn, is only a year older than his young wife. It’s an amazing relationship, however, his daughter shows no negative emotions about it. Don’t think this is Sean Pan’s first marriage. Before Layla, Sean Penn’s third marriage. The main thing is to be happy, not paying attention to the rumors of others.

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